Terms & Conditions

General Terms

  1. Customer acknowledges that it has care, custody and control of YORK1’s (previously Budget) equipment while at the Customer’s location and accepts responsibility for any loss or damage to YORK1 equipment (except for normal wear and tear or damage resulting in YORK1 handling of the equipment).
  2. It is the Customer’s responsibility to call when they are done with the bins. YORK1 does not come to remove bins unless requested by the customer.
  3. The customer agrees that they will not overload, either by volume or by weight, YORK1 equipment. Customer assumes responsibility for any fines and liability due to overloading of containers.
  4. Customer agrees that they are responsible for proper sealing and loading of asbestos waste into YORK1equipment. All ASBESTOS must be packaged according to MOE guidelines If our trained staff deems the load improper, the load will not be picked up and the customer will be charged a “dead run” fee.
  5. By signing this document, you agree to the terms and conditions, and your service will than be dispatched.

Driveway and Property Damage

Customer recognizes that YORK1cannot ensure that Customer’s pavement or driving surface is adequate to bear the weight of the equipment or vehicles. Customer accepts all responsibility and hereby waives and releases all claims against YORK1for any damage to customer’s pavement, driving surfaces or curbs resulting from the weight of YORK1s vehicles or the container(s) supplied by YORK1(including as filled and when full) while providing the services described in this agreement. It is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER to provide proper protection to guard from damage to driving surfaces, and any materials supplied by YORK1 do NOT REPLACE THAT RESPONSIBILITY.

Charges and Fees

  1. After 7 days of no activity a homeowner will be charged $10 per day for everyday after the first 7.
  2. After 30 days of no activity a contractor will be charged $10 per day after the first 30.
  3. Your service may be subject to a fuel surcharge.
  4. Your service may be subject to a supplementary site charge (clean fill, rubble, cement bins etc.) Additionally, customer agrees to pay a surcharge for mixing “clean fill” loads as specified on our website. www.budgetbin.ca
  5. Customer agrees that they will pay any charges for weight that exceeds the minimums that are included in the base bin charges.
  7. By signing this document, you agree to the terms and conditions, and your service will than be dispatched.
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