Types of Waste Containers

When you have a bigger job that produces more waste than your regular trash can is able to handle, a larger waste container may be required. These containers are also required when disposing of waste that cannot be thrown in the standard waste bins, such as concrete. A roll off container is basically a dumpster that can be rolled off the back of a truck.

There are three main types of waste containers for residential use. Since these containers are loaded and unloaded easily off a truck, it makes hauling away your trash simple. Each of these three types of waste containers work great for different types  of disposal needs. You can also go to our types of bins page to see more information and pictures.

Roll Off containers

The roll off container is a common type of waste container that is large in size. Contractors often prefer these containers for their large jobs. This is also a good choice when you are doing a large project such as gutting and remodel within the home. The roll off container is also good for concrete, brick and block disposal. These waste containers range from 12 feet long to 22 feet long. All are 8 feet wide and the height ranges from 4.5 feet to 7 feet tall.

Mini Roll Off containers

These containers are the smaller of the roll off waste containers, ranging from 10 feet in length to 12 feet in length. The mini roll off container is 7 feet wide and 4 to 7 feet in high. These trash bins are ideal for projects that are not as large such as clearing a garage. Since they are smaller they tend to be a easier to work with for home projects.

Lugger container

The lugger container is different from the roll off containers due to its unique shaping. Lugger containers have a V-shape to them which makes them driveway friendly. That makes them great for residential projects. Many times these waste containers are used when someone is performing a roof repair or complete roof replacement. The V-shape of the container ensures that waste is loaded evenly. They range from 13 to 17 feet in length, they are 5.5 feet wide, and are anywhere from 5 feet to 7 feet in height.

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