Mini Roll Off Container (industrial trash bin)

Mini Roll Off containers are the smallest trash bins we have available. The Mini Roll Off trash bin is usually the best bin to use for a small home renovation or a basement or garage clean up. A Mini Roll Off trash bin is delivered using a single axle truck that can fit into smaller areas than either the large Roll Off or the Lugger truck. Mini Roll Off bins have rollers on the bottom to protect the driveway, and since the truck delivering the bin is smaller it is a good fit for most homeowners. The 4 yard Mini Roll Off trash bin can be used for clean fill, concrete and brick and block disposal. All Mini Roll Off containers have doors at the rear for easy loading.  A Mini Roll Off truck can carry up to 5 tonnes of waste.

Container Sizes

Below is a list of Mini Roll Off trash bin containers.  If you are disposing of clean fill we also offer a 4 cubic yard container specifically for that type of trash removal.  To see our suggestions for clean fill containers follow these steps; click this link to choose your region, then select the “clean fill” option.

size (cubic yards) height (feet) width (feet) length (feet)
12 4 7 10
14 4.5 7 10.5
16 5 7 12
18 5 7 13
20 5.5 7 13.5
22 7 7 12
Trash Bin
Mini Roll Off

Order a Container

To request delivery you can click on this link to order a bin. If you are unsure of which container is the best for your project you can also call our office at 1-800-363-1507 to speak directly with someone who can assist you.


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