Trash Removal – Lugger Container V shaped Bins

Lugger containers are v-shaped to ensure all the waste is loaded evenly. Lugger containers come in 6, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 20 cubic yard sizes and can be used for different types of trash removal projects. The 6 yard container is mostly used for clean fill, concrete and brick and block disposal. The 6 yard container does not have doors at the rear; however, the walls are only 3 feet high so it is still easy to load. A 12 yard lugger container is available with doors for removal of clean fill, concrete and brick and block disposal. The 10, 14, 16 and 20 cubic yard lugger containers are not available with doors at the back. Lugger containers have flat bottoms which make them driveway friendly. Although lugger containers can be used for many different types of trash removal, they are most commonly used for roofing projects because of the shape of the bin and because most roofing debris is thrown off the roof of the building. Lugger trucks have a carrying capacity between 12-14 metric tonne. Lugger trucks are similar in size to a large roll off truck.

Container Sizes

Below is a list of Lugger trash removal containers. If you are disposing of clean fill we also offer a 6 cubic yard container specifically for that type of trash removal.

size (cubic yards) height (feet) width (feet) length (feet)
6 3.5 5.5 12
10 5 5.5 13
12 5.5 5.5 13
14 7 5.5 13
16 7 5.5 14
20 7 5.5 17

Order a Container

To request delivery you can click on this link to order a bin. If you are unsure of which container is the best for your project you can also call our office at 1-800-363-1507 to speak directly with someone who can assist you.


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