Garbage Bins – Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville

There are a wide variety of different industrial garbage bins to choose from and depending on the type of job you are doing there may be advantages to one type of industrial garbage bin over another.  Here are a few of the main categories of garbage bins you can get and what they are good for;

Roll Off Containers

The large roll off garbage bin can be used for residential but is more often used for construction projects and landscape contractors.  The large roll offs are equipped with doors at the rear. For more information click on this link to the Roll Off Containers page.

Mini Roll Off Containers

Mini roll off containers are industrial garbage bins that are ideal for residential customers because they fit in approximately the same space as a vehicle making them convenient for placement on a driveway.  They are also equipped with doors at the rear of the bin which makes for easier loading.  You can click on the link for more information on our Mini Roll Off Containers.

Lugger Containers

The Lugger containers are a more specialized industrial garbage bin, although they can be used for different projects the ideal use for a lugger container is a roofing project.  They have a unique v-shaped box which makes it easy to load the garbage evenly when throwing it in off the roof.  There is a 12 yard lugger container with doors available for cleanfill and concrete disposal as well.  All other lugger containers do not have doors on them.  For more information click on this link to the Lugger Container page.

Budget Environmental has been in business to serve Southern Ontario for more than 15 years and we are prepared to help you with all your bin rental needs. We offer same day delivery for any order before noon.  If you aren’t sure what type or size of bin you need you can call us and speak with one of our customer service experts at 1-800-363-1507.  Our team would be happy to recommend the right bin rental for your needs.