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Need To Dispose Of Garbage? Here Are Two Solutions For Waste Management In Ontario

Budget Bin - Thursday, August 14, 2014

Are you adding to or renovating your home or office? Is your family moving from one home to another? Are you a contractor overseeing a construction site? Whatever your project may be, one thing is true: big projects mean a lot of garbage and other waste. It is important to understand what your options are for waste management in Ontario. Below, we will discuss two specific solutions for waste management in Ontario.

#1 - Renting A Disposal Bin

The first solution for disposing of waste is to rent a disposal bin from a dumpster rental company. This is by far the most convenient solution. Most dumpster rental companies offer same day delivery of bins as long as you order before noon. Ordering a bin is easy. Most companies allow you to call or order online. They will then deliver the bin to your property in a timely manner.

Another benefit of renting a disposal bin is not having to transport all of your junk yourself. You are able to simply place your garbage, including household items, appliances, construction waste, and more, into the disposal bin, conveniently located in your driveway, parking lot, or construction site. The best part is that once your junk is in the bin, you never have to see it again, since the waste management company picks up the bin and disposes of your garbage for you.

#2 - Using A Transfer Station

Transfer stations are a second viable option for waste management in Ontario. Simply transport your non-hazardous waste to the nearest transfer station. The transfer station will then charge you by weight to dispose of your garbage in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Although this option may not be as convenient as renting a disposal bin, the advantage is lower cost. Depending on how much waste you are getting rid of, you may save money opting to use a transfer station instead of renting a disposal bin. Many transfer stations even allow you to dump appliances at no charge.

Budget Environmental is a reliable waste management company in Ontario. We have a full service transfer station and also offer same day delivery for dumpster rental. Contact us today for more information or to rent a disposal bin
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