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Trash Removal At A Construction Site: Tips For Keeping Waste To A Minimum

Budget Bin - Tuesday, September 23, 2014

At Budget Environmental, trash removal in Hamilton and throughout the area is what we do best. We work with both commercial and residential clients to help identify their trash removal needs and put together a customized solution to keep their home and business areas as neat as possible; all while helping them all do their part for the environment by recycling and repurposing as much as possible.

Due to our established reputation as trash removal experts, Budget Environmental often works with contractors and construction site supervisors. Any type of building or renovation project is bound to generate a significant amount of waste; Budget Environmental can help ensure it's processed as quickly and efficiently as possible to save you time, stress and inconvenience.

Reducing The Overall Need For Trash Removal At Your Job Site

As part of our commitment to customer service excellence, Budget Environmental often consults with contractors to help them keep trash removal needs at a minimum. Some tips for reducing trash removal needs at any job site include:

Designate your own repurposing area: On any construction site, there are bound to be countless materials that can be reused on the same job rather than ending up in the dump heap. Designating a repurposing area can help ensure everyone understands where to go to access these materials.

Use standard sizes: Whenever possible, use standard sizes for building materials. Using standard sizes will minimize costs, reduce cuts needed (aka save you time), and keep trash removal waste to a minimum.

Be aware of packing materials: Yes, packing materials are a necessity on many building materials; however, it's important to keep an eye on various items that are overusing packaging materials. Working with green vendors can help you find materials that won't bring a lot of unnecessary waste with them.

Have your recycling bins ready: Finally, always have your various recycling bins ready onsite before the job begins. Training your staff on which items belong in which bin means that materials will end up where they belong and keep additional trash removal needs to a minimum.

Want to hear more about how Budget Environmental can help with your trash removal needs? Give us a call at 1-877-217-2697 or order a bin online today.

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