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Scrap Metal Recycling Helps The Environment

Budget Bin - Friday, June 05, 2015
Conserving natural resources and minimizing our carbon footprint has no longer become the right thing to do, it is now a necessity. Scrap metal recycling makes a huge difference in terms of helping our environment.

What is Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal is large pieces of metal discarded by home-owners and businesses. The most common types of scrap metal recycled today are-
These are often found in discarded appliances, bed frames, air conditioner unit housing, wiring, and various building materials.

The Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

Metals are precious natural resources. They are also a finite resource, and the more we mine for metals the less we have. Current levels of mining cannot be supported indefinitely. 

Dumping metals in landfills is bad because it disperses metallic particles into our ecosystem. Soil is easily contaminated by metals which not only pollutes the ground, but certain chemical reactions between metals in the soil can damage the ozone layer. Metals are also notorious for polluting creeks, rivers, and groundwater. This is the source of our drinking water and protecting it is vital. 

Unlike plastics, metals keep all of their properties when they are recycled. This means metals can be used over and over again indefinitely. This cuts down on the amount of mining needed to extract these metals and cuts the amount of pollution to our waterways.

Budget Environmental is committed to recycling, and will help you with recycling scrap metals to protect the environment. Instead of tossing scrap metal into a landfill, do your part and recycle.

Budget Environmental has been providing excellent customer service and quality dumpster rentals since 1993.  Budget is also an industry leader in the area of recycling with an extensive recycling program that averts a high percentage of waste from landfills.  For more information or to order a dumpster call us today at (877) 217-2697 or order the appropriate bin online today.

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