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Rented Waste Containers Save Time And Money

Budget Bin - Friday, June 20, 2014

Waste Containers Save The Day

When you are doing a household purge, hauling refuse to the curb for pickup can be a long, drawn-out process. Regulations in most cities that have curbside pickup have strict regulations about what can be set out, how many containers you can have, how much the waste containers can weigh, and what waste containers are acceptable. Set out the wrong thing or too many bags, and you are likely to have an orange "Oops!" sticker affixed to your refuse. If you have a lot of trash, discarding bits and pieces each week can take you forever. Your best bet might be to rent appropriate waste containers from Budget Environmental.

Waste Containers Delivered The Same Day

The beauty of renting waste containers from Budget Environmental is that you can order them online before noon and have them delivered the same day. Depending on the type of permits you've obtained from the city or from your homeowners' association, you can have the rented bins left near the door to save steps, especially if you are partially filling them with heavy white appliances. Once you have them filled up, a simple call will take them away.

If you anticipate that the contents of your waste containers will be household items, such as appliances, furniture, toys, etc., a mini rolloff dumpster with doors that holds from 10 to 20 cubic yards should do the trick. Most sizes require a rental fee plus a deposit of $400 or $500 to cover disposal costs, which are based on $85 per metric tonne. After picking up and weighing the dumpster, Budget will calculate your bill and only then charge it to your credit card. If you are paying in cash, you need to pay your deposit in advance and receive a refund once the waste containers are back.

Are Rented Waste Containers A Budget Friendly Option?

Your eyes may glaze over at the thought of paying upwards of $100 to dispose of trash until you consider the alternatives. Dropping off trash at a transfer station in Hamilton or nearby cities is not free. Aside from the hassle of trucking items to the site, you also have to pay by the kilogram for what you drop off, except for big appliances which can be deposited for free. The weight of junk adds up quickly, so you may pay more by handling disposal yourself.

Budget Environmental, which is committed to proper disposal that is environmentally friendly, can save the day by offering waste containers well within your budget. Contact us today with any questions or order bins online for a junk-free home.

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