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Rent-A-Bin For A Neighbourhood Cleanup

Budget Bin - Thursday, June 12, 2014

Have seasonal cleanup on your mind? When the weather is nice, you are probably not the only one in your neighbourhood who is thinking about cleaning out the basement, attic, shed, or main living area. While some items that come out of the bowels of the house are likely fodder for a streetwide garage sale, a lot of it is just plain old junk that needs disposal. Why not organize a Rent-A-Bin project with waste containers from Budget Environmental for your neighbourhood to get rid of old furniture, appliances, toys, and other household items?

It's Easy To Rent A Bin - Or Several

You would organize a Rent-A-Bin day just like you would a yard sale.

  1. Poll your neighbours to see who would like to participate and get an idea of what they need to pitch.
  2. Check out permit requirements for your area, as some neighbourhoods might not welcome a rent-a bin in yards or city streets.
  3. Send out your first inquiry in plenty of time to allow folks to gather their refuse.
  4. Poll again about the nature and volume of residents' discards to get an idea of the size and number of waste containers you will need. If residents have different types of items they want to put in the rent-a-bin, you can order individual bins by type of waste.
  5. Advise people the amount they will be expected to contribute to the deposit.
  6. Let people know what is not acceptable for the bins. Hazardous waste and food waste are not accepted.
  7. Especially if you have older residents in your neighbourhood, arrange for volunteers to help get appliances and furniture to the rent-a-bin location.
  8. While you are organizing, coordinate with the Salvation Army or other charity to pick up old but usable clothes and other items. If you have inquiries about hazardous waste disposal, you could arrange for volunteers to take this to a community recycling center or transfer centre that accepts it.

Order Rent-A-Bin Waste Containers

Once you are organized, it is time to order the bins. If you have a long street or lots participants, you can plan to have each rent-a-bin dropped off at a different point in the area. That way, no one would have to travel too far to unload their junk from the house. Since the bins have a seven-day rental included in the price, you can give people plenty of time to bring their items. If you wanted to arrange for the rent-a-bins to be there over two weekends, extra days are inexpensive to arrange. Of course, if you just want the dumpsters for a single weekend, Budget Environmental will pick them up at your convenience.

Budget Environmental Makes Your Rent-A-Bin Project Easy

Holding a neighbourhood cleanup using the rent-a-bins could be the 21st-century equivalent of a barn raising! Budget Environmental can make it happen, with reasonable rates and a wide selection of dumpsters and other waste containers to choose from. To make arrangements, just contact us to coordinate your efforts or rent a bin (or a few of them) online.

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