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How to Check Scrap Metal Prices

Budget Bin - Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Regardless of whether you are a homeowner planning to complete a clean up project involving a fair amount of scrap metal or a contractor who deals with unwanted resources which can be recycled on a daily basis, checking on current scrap metal prices is an investment in time that can pay off in a much larger sum of money than expected. By researching both locally and online, you'll be able to locate a facility that not only accepts all the materials you wish to recycle but is also willing to pay top dollar for those resources.

Be Aware Of What Types of Metals You Have

Before you get started making phone calls or searching the web, bear in mind a critical aspect that translates into more money in your pocket; separating your metals allows you to receive the best return possible, as scrap metal prices for copper, for example, will always be significantly higher than aluminum or steel. Once you are aware of which classes of metals you want to trade in for cash, it will be far easier to find the scrap metal center that will best meet your needs.

Prices Change on a Daily Basis

Scrap metal prices change on a day to day basis, so check the following often to make sure you're receiving top dollar:

  • Local scrap metal and recycling yards are an obvious first choice to get a feel for the current market prices for scrap. Bear in mind that you may find a wide range of pricing differences in this market.
  • For up to the minute scrap metal prices you can go to  Budget Environmental is located in Hamilton Ontario providing very competitive scrap prices as well as bin rental services.
  • Scrap metal yards in larger cities are well worth a look, especially if you live in a remote area. If you are in rural Ontario for example you may search online for terms such as "Toronto scrap yard" or "Hamilton metal recycling", you'll be able to quickly decide if a little extra driving distance will pay off.
scrap metal pricing

Factor in the Convenience of Having Materials Hauled Away

Remember too that convenience is a real factor, and a company that is available to pick up your scrap metal and/or promptly deliver a dumpster right to your location can be highly attractive in many situations. Your filled dumpster will be picked up when you are ready, and any rental fees will generally be deducted from the value of the scrap metals you place inside, often still resulting in a net financial gain for you with far less hassle than having to deliver materials to a scrap yard which may be located a good distance from your home or work location.

Budget Environmental has been providing excellent customer service and quality dumpster rentals since 1993.  Budget is also an industry leader in the area of recycling with an extensive recycling program that averts a high percentage of waste from landfills.  For more information or to order a dumpster call us today at (877) 217-2697 or order the appropriate bin online today.

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