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Dumpster Rental In Hamilton Helps You Profit From Scrap Metal

Budget Bin - Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Whether you are a business with ongoing scrap metal recycling needs or a consumer who wants to dispose of appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners etc., Budget Environmental offers dumpster rental in Hamilton. Unlike with many types of waste where you have to pay for disposal per tonne, we pay you per pound for your scrap metal. Our rates vary per type of metal and reflect the going rate.

How You Benefit From Dumpster Rental In Hamilton

The benefits to you are four-fold:

  • Storing large metal appliances or containers filled with metal scrap takes up valuable floor space in your factory or garage. When we bring you the receptacle, you can fill it up and instantly reclaim lost space.
  • Some items such as old refrigerators, stoves, and plant equipment are often dangerous, costly to fix, and not energy-efficient, so disposal is the best route.
  • By letting us handle your old appliances or scrap metal, we make sure that the products are recycled and kept out of the landfill.
  • We can make your scrap a revenue source as we credit you with market value returns. Even after subtracting the cost for the dumpster rental, you will still come out ahead in many cases.

Door To Door Service

While we accept scrap metal at our facility at 375 Gage Avenue North, most customers like having us bring a bin right to their home or business. You simply load up the dumpster with your large appliances or scrap metal items and then call for us to pick it up. For those businesses who routinely have metal discards from their process, we are happy to visit your site as often as you need during the year.

Having us haul away your scrap metal will help us meet national goals of 80% diversion of waste from landfills. For this reason, we are always glad to work with you to develop a program that meets any ongoing scrap metal disposal needs you have. If you have a structure to tear down, we will even assist you in the demolition so as to reclaim scrap metal and any other useful components from the home or facility.

Ready to recycle your scrap metal for cash? Order a bin online today, or for more information call us at (877) 217-2697.

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