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ken arp - Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Speaking from experience, “what do you need?” is usually the first thing I hear when I step out of my vehicle at any given building site.  It’s usually done with a curious look, and “I know you want to sell me something” body language.  I understand the hesitation; I know that I am treading on important ground. I have learned over the years that the work site to the site supervisor is equal to a classroom for the professor.  It’s your home away from home.  It’s your pride, and you will do anything to make that site the most efficient it can possibly be.

So when you are dealing with the site, how efficient is your waste management?  If it is a LEED site, you are forced to think about it.  But what if it is not?

The most common complaint from site supervisors is not normally the price of a bin service; rather, it’s the level of service.  When you call for a bin pickup, you want service immediately, not in two days, not in three, you want it today or first thing tomorrow.  Why?  Because when you finally notice the bin onsite it is normally overflowing and your guys are looking for a place to dump their material. It should be a simple fix, just call the company and get it switched out.  Or is it that simple?  Do you call and talk to a live operator? Does your order get taken by that person immediately?  Does your disposal company hold to their word regarding when they will service the bin?  If not, why are you dealing with that company?

Those key aspects should be mandatory, so you should demand them when dealing with your waste company.  If they can’t deliver these simple aspects, then why are they your provider?  We have built our business on an excellent service mandate and we take it a step further.  Knowing how important your site is to you, we offer a guarantee.  If you call us before noon, we will service your bin same day. If we are not able to for whatever reason, we will give you the bin free, you just pay for the dumping. How are we able to provide this kind of service? We have no set schedule for our days.  As calls come in, our dispatch team looks at the most effective way of serving all our clients. We have seen how our service is appreciated by our clients by the growth we have experienced over the years. We have grown from 2 trucks and a handful of bins in 1993 to over 30 trucks and nearly 1000 bins today. 

Now that we have your service issues looked after, what else can be done to improve your job site? Do you have large amounts of recyclable materials that need to be disposed of?  Perhaps consider separating loads to cut down on disposal costs. Having a scrap metal bin onsite will recapture some of the disposal costs.  If you are working on a LEED project, you are doing this already.  Don’t pay the same disposal rate for construction waste as you do for materials such as cardboard.  Remember that the more work the disposal company has to do to the waste, the more you will end up paying in disposal costs.  What areas can you improve on at your site?

If you are on a job site now, or about to start a new site, consider all your options.  Look at how you can make your site more efficient and cost effective.

If you have questions please call us.  We are here to make sure that waste disposal is one of your least concerns.

Don’t settle for anything less than excellent service for your job site. It’s your second home, give it the best.

Thank you for your time.

Tim Bos

Account Representative.

Budget Environmental Disposal Inc.


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