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Clean Fill Bins

ken arp - Saturday, January 28, 2012

Clean Fill Bins

In the last couple of years Budget has received inquiries from the landscaping industry regarding the use of clean fill bins.  We wondered about the influx of questions and the root cause for the influx.  Our investigation has turned up some interesting comments and facts about the landscape industry. 

With the cost of fuel rising, the turn in the economy, and staffing expenses on the rise, the industry is searching for ways to increase, or maintain their bottom line.  We all know what it’s like dealing with outside factors that you can’t control, ie; weather, economy ect.  What about the things you can control?  Looking specifically at crew costs, we can’t help but determine that there are areas that need to be explored.  Everything from man hours onsite, travel time to and from jobsites, and of course the obligatory coffee stop, everything gets looked at.  So what about improving actual man hours onsite?  Is there a way to increase efficiency onsite without cutting back on quality? 

Yes.  We have found that by incorporating one simple service, crews can efficiency and dramatically improve the overall jobsite and increase the profitability

By incorporating our clean fill bin service to their jobsites, our clients have indicated that down time onsite has dramatically improved.  How?

1.      Bins are available for all day purpose, and when it’s full, another arrives.  No down time.

2.      All crew members are onsite at all times, not leaving for hours to dump a load and then returning only to get reoriented to the site.  No wasted manpower.

3.      There is no need to pay a crew extra time at the end of the day to dump at a site that MUST be kept secret from the rest of the industry.  No wasted travel time.

4.      Never worry about finding dump sites that are near jobsites, and how long they are accessible for.

What other benefits are there to using our clean fill bin service? Think of the equipment costs.  Our clients have weighed out the costs of maintenance of trailers and trucks, and have found that the overall cost drops and longevity of their equipment increases due to the lack of bulk weight associated with hauling clean fill.  Also, the size of equipment needed is reduced.  Trailers need not be as heavy and trucks can be reduced in size.  

Our clients look at all aspects, and have concluded that cost of equipment and proficiency of the jobsite far outweighs the cost of the clean fill bin service that we provide. 

Perhaps it’s time that you look seriously at reducing some of the things you can control in your market.  This is one of them.  Give us a call, we would be happy to sit down and chat with you about how we can help your business grow.

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