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Budget Bin - Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top Tips To Keep Waste Management On Your Eco-Conscious Radar

At Budget Environmental, our team of waste management experts often partner with clients searching for ways to improve their existing recycling/repurposing processes. Whether a residential client looking for tips on how to minimize junk at home, or corporate customers striving to raise awareness at their places of business, Budget Environmental can help them carefully outline a litany of ways to help them maximize the effectiveness of their waste management process. Our list of helpful waste management tips include:

Make it a goal: Raising awareness on the importance of proper waste removal plays a key role in the overall success of the program. Both home and business owners can help everyone stay focused on recycling and repurposing by setting up specific goals around waste management.

Eliminate water bottles: While they may seem harmless enough when recycled, plastic water bottles can pose a serious threat to the environment. Yes, most of them can be recycled; however, the amount of oil needed to produce these bottles can make a major impact on the environment.

Consider reusable hot beverage mugs: Paper and (gasp!) Styrofoam coffee cups pose a similar threat to the environment as their water bottle counterparts. Using reusable cups and travel mugs can help ensure you're doing your part to maximize waste management efforts.

Purchase recycling products: Whenever possible, opt for purchasing recycled products over virgin products; creating new items from scratch utilizes far more energy and resources than reusing existing items.

Monitor junk mail: With the word "junk" right in the name, it shouldn't be surprising to learn that oftentimes junk mail lands directly in a landfill. Take note of the amount of junk mail you receive, both at home and at the office and ask to be taken off mailing lists to minimize the influx you receive.

Set up recycling bins: Setting up recycling bins is a great way to help remind everyone around you to make waste management their top priority. Go beyond just one bin for plastics. Set up various recycling stations throughout the home and office with bins clearly marked for papers, cardboard, plastics and even scrap metals to ensure that getting these items where they need to be (and out of landfills) is everyone's primary focus.

For more tips and strategies on how to handle your recycling and waste needs, contact our team of experts today!

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