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Beyond Garbage Bins: Three Reasons Why Budget Environmental Stands Out From The Competition

Budget Bin - Wednesday, May 14, 2014

At Budget Environmental, we proudly offer our clients a wide range of garbage bins for rent to ensure that they can effectively manage any trash needs at their home or construction site. When partnering with us, our team of experts will work closely with you to help select the right garbage bins for your specific project. You'll quickly and easily be able to choose the precise size you'll need and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've selected garbage bins that are best suited for your project.

While we recognize that our garbage bins provide an invaluable service, the team at Budget Environmental is always striving to deliver one-stop waste management capabilities to our customers. That's why we also offer a diverse portfolio of capabilities that includes:

Demolition Services: Since 1995, we have been offering a comprehensive range of demolition services to our client base. When partnering with Budget Environmental, our team of industry experts will work with you to create a customized demolition plan based on your specific project needs and requirements. From pre-planning through completion, we can help with various stages of your project to ensure neat, organized and effective results.

Transfer Station Access: Looking for an efficient way to dispose of non-hazardous items? Come to our transfer station. Located in Hamilton, our full-service transfer station provides an option for home and business owners to eliminate large items such as electronics and appliances as well as various building materials. As long as it isn't hazardous or toxic, we'll be able to safely dispose of your item for you at our transfer station location.

Recycle/Scrap Metal Capabilities: If you're hoping to recycle and sell scrap metal, Budget Environmental can help. We are a full-service scrap metal/recycling company that offers up-to-the-minute pricing on items brought in. Think that you have to be a business owner to sell us your scrap metal? Guess again! While we happily partner with businesses to redeem waste/scrap metal, we also work with residential clients as well to buy back metal appliances and other items.

Ready to see for yourself how Budget Environmental is so much more than a leading provider of garbage bins? Contact us today!

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